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The Town of Wasaga Beach

A great place to live, work and play

World Day Diabetes 2012

Nancy Island 2011
Blue Flag

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Bridge at Nancy Island
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Light house on the shore of Nottawasaga River
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Artifacts from the museum at Nancy Island
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Buoy from 1812 ship
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Nancy Island Historic Site

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Wasaga Dome
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Wasaga Distribution, River Road
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Light House at Nancy Island
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Nancy Island

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Welcome to Wasaga Beach sign at 4 entrance points to the beach
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Arches to Wasaga Beach located at the corner of Power Line and River Rd.
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Chamber of Commerce
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Council Chambers
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Oakview Woods Gazebo

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RecPlex Oakview Community Centre
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YMCA at the RecPlex
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Canada Post Office, Mosley Street

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Wasaga Beach Community Presbytarian Church
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Municipal Offices
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Municipal Offices
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Council Chambers
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Wasaga Beach Library

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Wasaga Beach, Blue Flag designation for clean beaches
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Oakview Woods Gazebo and Birdge

Nancy Island