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Diabetes International Day - November 14, 2010

The Wasaga Dome was iluminated in blue as did many icon landmarks around the world

Snowman Mania 2011


Wasaga Beach is a very busy place with events and activities

Events take place at the beach every week, check the image gallery to get a taste of life at the beach

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Midway at the beach

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Kite fest
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Easter festivities

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Activities during Easter festivities at the Recplex
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Kite Festival Beach Area 1
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Kite Festival
Midway and the Wasagadome in the background
Having fun at the Midway

Show at Wasagadome
Show at Wasagadome
Show at Wasagadome
Midway, Beach Area 1

Show at Wasagadome
Show at Wasagadome
Show at Wasagadome
Show at Wasagadome
Show at Wasagadome

Navy Seals Training 2012

Snowman Mania

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Sleigh ride
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Sleigh ride during Sonowman Mania
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Family day activities
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Fireworks - Snowman Mania
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Family day at the arena

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Fireworks celebrating Snowman Mania
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Face painting during Snowman Mania
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Snowman Mania festivities, girl with a llama
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People gathering around to ride the hot air ballon
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Roxana the penguin, mascot of Snowman Mania

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Activities during Snowman Mania
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Lumber Jack, log cutting
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Snowman Mania activities
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Log cutting activity during Snowman Mania
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Horses of the sleigh ride

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Sleigh ride and a hot air ballon
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Pony ride during Snowman Mania
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Face paining during Snowman Mania
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Snowman by Oakview's gazebo

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Ice Sculpture
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Jack Lumber Company during Snowman Mania
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Ice skating by the Gazebo at Stonebridge plaza
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Canadian Basketball Olympian, Rowan Barrett signs autographs
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Young participant os Snowman Mania posing with the Olympic Torch

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Skating at Wasaga Beach Arena
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Skating during Family Day
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Family Day skating
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Family skating during Snowman Mania
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Young boy  learning to skate during Family Day

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Feeding the animals during Snowman Mania
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Pony ride, Snowman Mania
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Snowman Mania

Jazz in the Park

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Jazz in the park
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Music performance at Nancy Island
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Jazz in the park
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Jazz in the park at Oakview
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Jazz in the park

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Oakview gazebo during a Jazz in the park event


Canada Day 2011

Corvette Weekend

Every year in August Wasaga Beach is the host of a wonderful weekend.

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Old cars
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Old cars
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Vintage cars
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Vintage cars

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Corvette weekend
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Corvette weekend, Wasaga Beach
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Corvette weekend, Wasaga Beach
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Corvette weekend, Wasaga Beach
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Corvette weekend, Wasaga Beach

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Corvette weekend, Wasaga Beach
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car detail
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Car detail
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Corvette display
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Parking attendant enjoys the nice weather
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Red Corvette
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Enjoying the view
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Yellow Corvette

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Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball

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Beach Volleyball
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Beach Volleyball
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Beacg Volleyball
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Beach Volleyball
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Beach volleyball

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Fun at the beach
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Playing volleyball
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Beach Volleyball

Scouts Soap Box Derby

Fun at the beach

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Scouts Soap Box Derby
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Scouts Soap Box Derby
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Scouts Soap Box Derby
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Scouts Soap Box Derby
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Scouts Soap Box Derby